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Ten beginners complete the course

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HEA members had a busy day on Saturday 21st April helping out at the community festival in Hightown providing an archery have-a-go for all comers young and old.

Hightown have-a-go proves popular

Some air cadets who were acting as volunteer marshals started the ball rolling, after which the fine weather brought a steady stream of visitors to the park where our little range was set up.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their archery experience.

April beginners complete course

Sunday 22nd April was the third week of our beginners course and "certificate day" for our seven trainee archers who included three juniors.

During the course the beginners were instructed in barebow archery and freestyle archery using sights, finishing with an introduction to shooting in a tournament in week three.

Following the handicap tournament, course certificates were presented to the seven trainee archers and chocolate tournament prizes were handed out. Everyone was then able to get down to the satisfying business of bursting balloons.

After all the balloons had been popped, those beginners who wanted to had the opportunity to shoot at the 60cm Portsmouth target faces generally used by HEA members indoors, rather than the 122cm outdoor ones.

All the course attendees showed progress over the three sessions and we look forward to seeing them at their fourth session shooting with club members.

2018 April beginners 3919 12 percent 2018 April beginners 3938 10 percent 2018 April beginners 3943 10 percent 2018 April beginners 31691 10 percent 2018 April beginners 31737 10 percent 2018 April beginners 31818 10 percent More photos 2018 Hightown 1666 10 percent 2018 Hightown 1676 10 percent 2018 Hightown 1686 10 percent 2018 Hightown 1679 10 percent 2018 Hightown 1682 10 percent

A successful

252 challenge week

There was a good turnout on

Sunday 3rd June 2018 for the

first event of three which made

up June 252 challenge week.

Everyone was keen to have a go with all distances out from 30 to 80 yards. As always, the required minimum score from 3 dozen arrows for recurve archers was 252, barebow archers needed 189, longbow archers 164 and compound archers 280.

Our seven successful archers were all shooting at 30 yards. Pictured left to right are Pete T (shooting longbow), Luke (barebow), Pete R (compound), Pete F (barebow), Louis (recurve), Tony (recurve) and John (longbow).

On the following Wednesday evening, our newest member Kevin (below left) earned his 30 yard badge shooting recurve, as did Jimmy (middle) and Steve (below right). Geoff (right), shooting barebow, was also successful at 30 yards. Our fifth badge earner of the evening was Tony (above, second from right), shooting recurve at 40 yards, following on from his success at 30 yards at Sunday's event.

252 12 percent 2018 June 252 1827 10 percent 2018 June 252 1871 12 percent 2018 June 252 1877 12 percent 2018 June 252 1878 12 percent 2018 June 252 1853 12 percent

Congratulations to all our 252 badge earners.

More photos 11 2018 news montage flat 50 percent

The day was already scorching hot on Saturday 30th June as HEA members Mike, Paul, Ralph, Graham, Karen and junior member Luke set up the have-a-go archery range at the Woodlands Primary School Summer Fair for an 11 am start.

A scorching summer school fair have-a-go

The event was well attended from the start and the steady stream of people to our archery range at the top of the school field - mostly young, but some adults too - soon grew to a flood as crowds started to arrive at the fair.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with several fair-goers making repeat visits to our range during the morning.

2018 2032 12 percent 2018 2042 12 percent 2018 2045 12 percent 2018 2047 12 percent

A hot and sunny Sunburn Shoot

HEA's 2018 Sunburn Shoot on Sunday 5th August was a very sunny affair - a far cry from the high winds and rain of the previous year's event. With the clay range in use, targets were set up out of harm's way on the more open part of D range.

The round was a Junior National - 4 dozen arrows at 40 yards and 2 dozen at 30 - shot using barebow club bows.

Once the round had been completed, the assembled archers retreated to the troop shelter for a cuppa while the scores were collated.

After chairman Mike had presented some classification certificates to club members, it was time to give out the medals and award the Sunburn trophy.

The results of the round came out as follows: Alex took 3rd place, Graham took 2nd (it was a closely fought battle with only 2 points separating them) but 1st place and the Sunburn trophy went to Karen.

Very well done to the medal winners and to all our members who earned classification certificates.

2018 sunburn 2221 12 percent 2018 sunburn 2214 15 percent 2018 sunburn 2233 12 percent 2018 sunburn 2235 12 percent 2018 sunburn 2237 12 percent More photos

July 252 Challenge Week

Sunday 22nd July marked the start of HEA's July 252 challenge week with participating archers attempting to score more than 252 from 3 dozen arrows at their chosen distance (or 189 in the case of barebow archers, 164 for longbow, 280 for compound).

On the following Wednesday, Louis (pictured left) was the sole successful archer, earning his 40 yard badge shooting recurve.

2018 july 252 2125 12 percent

The two successful archers on Sunday were Laura, shooting recurve at 30 yards, and Pete, shooting longbow at 40 yards, pictured holding their challenge badges.

2018 Louis 40 percent

Well done to our three badge earners.

Final 252 badge winners of 2018

An unusual have-a-go

On Thursday 13th September High Elm Archers laid on a have-a-go event for The Rifles Regiment who were visiting Altcar. Also invited were the Lord Mayor of Sefton, the Lady Mayoress of St. Helens and various other dignitaries.

2018 sept 252 2802 12 percent 2018 sept 252 2811 12 percent

Fortunately, with the weather remaining fine, the gazebo was needed only as a sun shade and everyone had a good time.

2018 rifles have a go 1 2018 rifles have a go 2 50 percent 2018 rifles have a go 3 50 percent

A blustery end-of-season clout tournament

Turnout at the 2018 end-of-season clout tournament on Sunday 7th October may have been affected by a clash with the Giants event in Liverpool (or maybe just by the cold blustery weather) but nevertheless 16 hardy souls gathered to compete for the hand-carved Ken Harris trophy.

The clout was set at 110 yards and the participants shot 3 dozen arrows using club bows before taking the opportunity to enjoy a warming cuppa while the scores were worked out.

Daniel (pictured left) took third place, Karen (below) took second but it was Graham (below left) who scored the most points this year and was presented with the 1st place medal and the Ken Harris trophy by Chairman Mike.

2018 Clout 12 percent 2018 ken harris 2853 12 percent 2018 ken harris 2836 12 percent 2018 ken harris 2865 12 percent 2018 ken harris 2870 12 percent 2018 ken harris 2868 12 percent

Congratulations to this year's winners.

More photos

HEA's halloween fun shoot on

Sunday 28th October was well

attended with all participants enjoying the opportunity to put holes into a variety of halloween-themed pictures.

Halloween fun kicks off indoor season

A truly random scoring system kept everyone guessing and the various chocolate spot prizes helped keep hunger pangs at bay until it was time to enjoy the nibbles that members had brought along.

After everyone had stocked up on calories it was time for chairman Mike to present various club records certificates (an impressive number of records were set or broken during the 2018 outdoor season) as well as awards for most improved archers of this year's outdoor season.

After that, the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place winners of the fun shoot received the customary prizes of chocolate oranges and pumpkins of increasing sizes. So congratulations to Daniel (clockwise from right), Ralph and

Pete Th. in that order.

The Most Improved Archer (Junior) award went to Harry and the Most Improved Archer (Senior) trophy and medal will have to be shared between two archers who improved their handicap by the same number of points - Laura accepted both the trophy and the medal for the time being as the other award winner was not present. So, well done to all our certificate and trophy winners.

2018 halloween 2921 10 percent 2018 halloween 2943 cropped 10 percent 2018 halloween 2925 10 percent 2018 halloween 2981 cropped 10 percent 2018 halloween 4514 10 percent 2018 halloween 4513 10 percent 2018 halloween 4515 10 percent 2018 halloween 4516 10 percent 2018 halloween 4517 10 percent More photos

It had been intended that the final instructional session would take place outdoors but unfortunately heavy spring rain meant that the range at Altcar had not dried out enough.

2018 Classifications round-up

With 2018 at an end, the list of HEA archers who earned classifications during the year is now complete. More members achieved classifications during the 2018 outdoor season than in recent years, with several classifying in more than one bowstyle:

3rd Class

2018 harry class WA0002 50 percent

Junior member Harry, shooting recurve barebow (pictured here receiving his certificate from Chairman Mike), put in his three qualifying scores to earn his 3rd class for the first time.

Also qualifying for the first time is Steve, shooting recurve.

2018 peter t class 1908 20 percent 2018 steve class 2821 15 percent committee tony 12 percent narrow new

Jimmy achieved his 3rd class in two different bowstyles - compound and flatbow.

2nd Class

Our 2nd Class Archers are all first timers: (left to right) Pete O, shooting longbow, Daniel, shooting recurve barebow and (pictured beneath) Pete Th, also shooting longbow.

Chairman Mike qualified shooting with a flatbow rather than his recurve. He was presented with his certificate by previous Chairman Paul.

2018 mike class 1919 15 percent 2018 pete o class 2224 15 percent

1st Class

Shooting with her flatbow rather than her recurve, Linda earned her 1st class in 2018. Adding to his 3rd class recurve barebow, Pete T got his 1st Class, shooting with his longbow.

2018 linda class 2128 15 percent 2018 karen class 1914 15 percent

The remaining archers in this section all requalified as 1st Class Archers during 2018, having originally gained their classifications in previous years: Graham and Ralph, both shooting recurve and Karen, shooting with her flatbow.

2018 pete t class 2230 15 percent

September's 252 challenge week - the last of this year's outdoor season - concluded on the 8th and produced just two successful archers. Jimmy (left), shooting compound, scored more than the required compound score of 280 at 40 yards and Mike G, shooting recurve, earned his 30 yard 252 badge, so congratulations to our final badge earners of the year.

A blustery end-of-season clout tournament

2018 pete t class 2130 15 percent committee ralph narrow 2018 graham class 1917 15 percent


Three HEA members earned their Bowman classifications for the first time during 2018, all shooting longbow: Karen, Alex and Paul.

2018 karen class 2231 15 percent 2018 alex class 2826 15 percent 2018 paul class 2863 20 percent

They join Graham (below right) who achieved his Bowman classification in 2017, also shooting longbow.

2018 daniel class 2863 20 percent

Pete T achieved his 3rd class shooting recurve barebow for a change, rather than recurve.

Tony achieved his 3rd class shooting recurve.

2018 jimmy class 2818 15 percent 2018 graham class 2135 15 percent

Congratulations to all our members who earned their classifications during 2018,