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Ten beginners complete the course

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Halloween Fun Shoot lives up to its name

By all accounts, HEA's 2017 Halloween Fun

Shoot on Sunday 29th October lived up to its

name. The target bosses were covered with

various halloweeny pictures (pumpkins

featured heavily), and the scoring system, as is the tradition on such occasions, was completely random. Halloween-themed chocolate spot prizes were also on offer for hitting certain pictures or even for not hitting any at all!

After everyone had filled up their score sheets, a break for nibbles and cakes allowed the scores to be added up. The winners, receiving chocolate oranges and pumpkins from Chairman Paul, were Emma in 3rd place, Mike in 2nd and Ralph (centre) in 1st.

Various other presentations followed, including a trophy and certificate for the Most Improved Archer (Junior) for the outdoor season, going to Heather who this year was shooting barebow rather than recurve.

Graham (far left) and Mike tied for Most Improved Archer (Senior), Graham shooting longbow and Mike shooting recurve.

The last award to be presented was the Wooden Spoon, going this year to Paul for the most arrows broken on the range during the outdoor season.

After the presentations, a few HEA members decided to get out some zombie targets left over from a previous Halloween fun shoot and practised saving civilization from a zombie apocalypse!

2017 halloween 3548 12 percent 2017 halloween 3611 12 percent 2017 halloween 3629 12 percent 2017 halloween 3625 12 percent 2017 halloween 3627 12 percent 2017 halloween 3630 12 percent 2017 halloween 3633 15 percent 2017 halloween 3635 12 percent 2017 halloween 3639 12 percent More photos

Just three HEA members took part in this year's well-attended LAA Indoor Championships at Bamber Bridge on Sunday 5th November 2017.

HEA competes at the LAA Indoor

2017 LAA Champs 269 50 percent

Shooting their Portsmouth rounds in the tournament's morning session meant that Graham, Karen and Paul (left to right, above) had to wait until the publication of the results to see how well they had done.

When the results were published, Karen was pleased to discover she had achieved 2nd place in the Ladies Barebow category.

All photos courtesy of Greg Grogan.

More photos

A festive first prize

On Sunday 3rd December 2017 HEA members got into the festive spirit when they competed in the 1st Open Christmas Pudding Tournament hosted by the Broughton Wings Archery Club.

2017 LAA Champs 209 cropped 70 percent

Well done to HEA member (and club Junior Rep) Lisa who achieved the winning Portsmouth score in the Ladies Recurve category following which, as the name of the tournament suggests, she was all set up for Christmas dinner!

IMG_20171203_182026 15 percent

New Year's Eve Frostbite Shoot

It was a cold and slightly drizzly

New Year's Eve on the range

for the 13 hardy HEA members

taking part in the 2017 Frostbite

Shoot. With Altcar largely

waterlogged, the driest part of D Range was up at the 1000 yard shooting line (the local moles were apparently favouring this end of the range as well) so targets were set up there shooting downrange.

Members were shooting a Junior Warwick (2 dozen arrows at 40 yards and 2 dozen at 30) with barebow club bows in competition for the Frostbite Trophy.

Chocolate spot prizes were also on offer: Lisa won edible coins for the best gold and Lee and Alex tied for the highest scoring end.

When the scores had been added up and non-alcoholic mulled fruit punch and mince pies had been enjoyed, the results were as follows: Alex (on the right) in 3rd place, Lee (centre) in 2nd and Paul in 1st place, so it's well done to our chairman who gets to take home the ice cube archer this year!

2017 Frostbite 12 percent 2017 Frostbite 3 12 percent 2017 Frostbite 8 12 percent More photos 2017 LAA Champs 58 50 percent 2017 LAA Champs 50 50 percent 2017 LAA Champs 225 50 percent

Sunday 4th February was certificate day for the trainees on HEA's latest beginners course. Eight out of the original nine were present (one person having given us notice of absence).

Beginners complete first course of 2018

The course attendees - including two juniors and the spouse of a current member - all demonstrated progress across the three Sunday sessions and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.

During the course's final session the beginners competed in a mini handicap tournament (3 dozen arrows) for (chocolate) prizes. Following the announcement of the results and the presentation of course certificates, everyone was able to get stuck in to bursting balloons and those who wanted to also had the opportunity to try out different bow types: recurve, beginners' compound and flatbow.

2018 jan beginners 1 12 percent 2018 jan beginners 3753 12 percent 2018 jan beginners 3694 12 percent

As always, we invite the beginners to take part in a club shoot as part of the course.

More photos 2018 jan beginners 3737 9 percent 2018 jan beginners 3688 12 percent

North Meols medals for HEA archers

HEA members competed on Sunday 18th March 2018 at the North Meols Portsmouth competition at Banks Leisure Centre. Club Chairman Paul (far right) and first-time competitors Tony and Luke took part in the morning session with sighters at 09:45.

Congratulations are due to Lisa who came away with a silver medal in the Ladies Recurve category.

Lisa and Lee competed in the afternoon session starting at 12:15.

North Meols 18032018 (1) 50 percent North Meols 18032018 (13) 50 percent North Meols 18032018 (78) 50 percent North Meols 18032018 (155)

Well done also to Luke who took 1st place in the Junior Barebow category.

More photos

All photos courtesy of Greg Grogan.

Tournament and fun shoots mark the

end of the 2017/18

indoor season

HEA's end-of-season tournament and prizegiving was spread over two weekends this year: the tournament itself - split into two sessions - took place on Easter Sunday, with the prizegiving saved for the Saturday and Sunday fun shoots on the following weekend.

Attendees at the fun shoots on the 7th and 8th April competed in teams, playing "501" and "Around the clock" using the "darchery" target faces, followed by "Make a pizza" using the standard 60cm targets (white for the dough, then red for the tomato sauce, gold for the cheese, blue for the topping, with black at any point meaning the pizza was burnt and the team had to begin the sequence again - there was a fair amount of that!).

The tournament was both an open and a handicap competition at the same time,  with awards on offer for the highest three actual Portsmouth scores in each bow class and also for the best three handicap scores.

Following a break for nibbles, the awards for the indoor season were the first to be announced, as follows:

Most Improved Senior

Most Improved Junior (tied)

Most Improved Archer - Indoor


Daniel / Luke




Bray Handicap League



Tony (pictured, right)

Robin Hood

Dave received this special award of a silver archer badge for achieving a perfect "Robin Hood" with two of his arrows - quite an expensive feat!




Portsmouth League



Karen (pictured far right)

Barebow category






Alex (pictured)

Recurve category

Compound category

Longbow category


Lisa (pictured)



End-of-season Portsmouth Tournament

The open tournament produced the following results:



Recurve category







Barebow category






Lee (pictured)

Longbow category

2018 end of season 3793 10 percent 2018 end of season 3783 10 percent 2018 end of season 3794 10 percent dave robin hood 2018 end of season 3796 10 percent 2018 end of season 3849 10 percent 2018 end of season 3955 10 percent

Daniel was also one of the HEA members to receive certificates for having set new club records.

2018 end of season 3798 10 percent 2018 end of season 3802 10 percent 2018 end of season 3850 10 percent 2018 end of season 3799 10 percent 2018 end of season 3809 10 percent

Open Tournament

Handicap Tournament






Barry (pictured)

2018 end of season 1657 10 percent

Longbowman Barry (left) beat a low handicap allowance to take 1st place in the handicap tournament.

Well done to all our winners, runners up and record holders.

More photos 10

HEA members had a busy day on Saturday 21st April helping out at the community festival in Hightown providing an archery have-a-go for all comers young and old.

Hightown have-a-go proves popular

Some air cadets who were acting as volunteer marshals started the ball rolling, after which the fine weather brought a steady stream of visitors to the park where our little range was set up.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their archery experience.

April beginners complete course

Sunday 22nd April was the third week of our beginners course and "certificate day" for our seven trainee archers who included three juniors.

It had been intended that the final instructional session would take place outdoors but unfortunately heavy spring rain meant that the range at Altcar had not dried out enough.

During the course the beginners were instructed in barebow archery and freestyle archery using sights, finishing with an introduction to shooting in a tournament in week three.

Following the handicap tournament, course certificates were presented to the seven trainee archers and chocolate tournament prizes were handed out. Everyone was then able to get down to the satisfying business of bursting balloons.

After all the balloons had been popped, those beginners who wanted to had the opportunity to shoot at the 60cm Portsmouth target faces generally used by HEA members indoors, rather than the 122cm outdoor ones.

All the course attendees showed progress over the three sessions and we look forward to seeing them at their fourth session shooting with club members.

2018 April beginners 3919 12 percent 2018 April beginners 3938 10 percent 2018 April beginners 3943 10 percent 2018 April beginners 31691 10 percent 2018 April beginners 31737 10 percent 2018 April beginners 31818 10 percent More photos 2018 Hightown 1666 10 percent 2018 Hightown 1676 10 percent 2018 Hightown 1686 10 percent 2018 Hightown 1679 10 percent 2018 Hightown 1682 10 percent 2018 news montage flat 50 percent