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Ten beginners complete the course

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It was a lovely sunny afternoon for HEA's St George's Day Clout (Sunday 23rd April) - the first of the season - with everyone using club bows or traditional bows.

St George's Day Clout

A novel idea for a stag do!

In a first for HEA, we played host to a (non-alcoholic) stag do on the range on Saturday 29th April when a party of seventeen came along for an extended have-a-go session.

2017 April have a go DSC_0271 10 percent

Coach Graham led the proceedings with other club members assisting. After some initial instruction followed by a go at 10 yards, the group got ambitious and a mini tournament ensued with three teams competing at 20 yards.

At end of the session the have-a-goers declared themselves satisfied with their two hours of shooting and a good time was clearly had by all.

2017 April have a go DSC_0284 10 percent 2017 April have a go DSC_0288 10 percent

With the club's normal venue, D Range, being unavailable for the day, the shoot took place on the smaller A Range. We made ourselves at home  with the aid of a pop-up tent (festooned with England flags) for refreshments. Clouts were set at 120 yards (a French flag) for the gents and 90 yards (a white flag) for ladies and juniors.

After six ends were shot and marked, the winners were announced and refreshments were dispensed. Those present agreed that it was an enjoyable way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, perfectly rounded off with homemade cupcakes.

2017 St george clout 014 15 percent 2017 St george French flag 20 percent 2017 St george clout DSC_0242 cropped 15 percent More photos

It was "certificate day" on the third and final instructional session of our April/May beginners course on Sunday 14th May. It had been another full course with twelve attending, including two juniors. In addition to Coach Graham, HEA members Ralph, Paul, Lisa, Lee and Eric were on hand during the three sessions to keep the beginners in order.

Twelve beginners complete the course

A number of the course attendees (including both Juniors) had previously come along to HEA taster sessions, which was to their advantage during the barebow (without sights) course segment.

Shooting initially at bare target bosses to encourage concentration on technique, the beginners were soon able to move on to shooting at target faces at 10 and 20 yards.

In week two the trainees shot with sights (freestyle) before progressing to a handicap tournament at 20 yards in week three.

Following presentation of certificates by Chairman Paul, prizes were awarded to both the handicap tournament winner and the beginner with the highest actual score.

The course was rounded off with the customary burst-the-balloons free-for-all which proved as popular as ever.

All course attendees are invited to come along to a club shoot as part of their course and shoot alongside club members. We look forward to seeing them.

2017 April beginners DSC_0311 12 percent 2017 April beginners DSC_0329 12 percent

The session ended with a brief introduction to clout archery (aiming at a flag planted in the ground some distance away).

2017 April beginners IMG_2699 12 percent 2017 April beginners IMG_2579 12 percent 2017 April beginners IMG_2606 12 percent 2017 April beginners IMG_2587 12 percent 2017 April beginners IMG_2695 12 percent 2017 April beginners IMG_2736 cropped 12 percent More photos

The first weekend in June (the 3rd and 4th) should have provided HEA members with their best ever chance of earning 252 badges as 252 Challenge events (3 dozen arrows at the archer's chosen distance) were scheduled to take place on both Saturday and Sunday.

252 Challenge weekend

Despite every distance from 20 to 80 yards being out on the Saturday there was only one badge winner - well done to Linda (shooting recurve) who  scored more than the required 252 to earn her 252 badge at 50 yards.

There was a high turnout for Sunday's event. Those hoping to benefit from the previous day's practice were disappointed however as, with the clay range in use, we were obliged to shoot sunwards on the less sheltered range (so a couple of archery excuses to hand there).

With every distance out once more, there were just two badge winners. Congratulations to new junior member Luke, shooting barebow, who scored more than the required 189 barebow score at 20 yards, and also to Alain, shooting recurve, who was successful at 30 yards.

2017 Alain 1 very cropped 25 percent 2017 Luke DSC_0402 25 percent 2017 June 252 DSC_0381 12 percent 2017 DSC_0387 12 percent 2017 Linda...Recurve1 very trimmed 25 percent More photos

Have-a-go fun at taster session

Seven potential archers enjoyed their hour's shooting alongside club members at HEA's last archery taster session on  Saturday 17th June.

Following some range safety instructions and a little tuition, the visitors had a go at 10 yards.

As always, the session was rounded off with the ever popular burst-the-balloons free-for-all!

2017 June have a go DSC_0490 12 percent 2017 June have a go DSC_0482 cropped 15 percent 2017 June have a go DSC_0486 cropped 12 percent 2017 St george clout 031a 15 percent 8

New junior member Luke has wasted no

time in earning a classification badge,

having only joined HEA from our April/May

beginners course. Luke is pictured here

receiving his 3rd class badge from club

Chairman Paul on Sunday 25th June, along

with one of the new HEA classification certificates, introduced this season, detailing the three qualifying scores which Luke - shooting barebow - achieved to earn his classification.

New member Luke earns his classification

It is worth noting that as one of Luke's qualifying rounds - Short Junior Warwicks (2 dozen arrows at 30 yards and 2 dozen at 20 yards) - actually achieved a second class score, it probably won't be long before Luke earns his next badge!

2017 luke 3rd class 0498 12 percent

HEA's two 252 challenge events of July 2017, on the 15th and 23rd, produced just one badge winner. At the first event Lee succeeded in scoring above the required 189 barebow score by shooting 3 dozen arrows at his chosen distance using his interesting new hybrid flatbow / field bow and was able to claim his 50 yard badge.

July 252 winner

2017 lee july 252 25 percent

Lee is pictured here (right) with one of his gold-scoring ends.

A challenging clout shoot!

August began with a clout shoot which turned out to be a little more challenging than usual.

As the shoot was on D Range, rather than the smaller A Range which had been the expected venue, it was decided that the clouts should be set at longer distances than usual, so the white flag (for gents and anyone else who wanted to try) was set at 130 yards and the French flag (for juniors, ladies and anyone unable to reach the further one) was set at 100 yards.

A special mention goes to junior member Luke who on one end got an arrow just about as close as it's  possible to get to the clout!

At the HEA 2017 Sunburn Shoot on Sunday 6th August, the weather was uncooperative, to say the least! Leaden skies produced the forecast rain just as the assembled archers completed their sighters and then blustery wind blew it about as it fell. Although the eleven hardy souls who took part were undeterred by the weather, the planned round was shortened to just one and a half dozen arrows at 40 yards and one and a half at 30, all with barebow club bows, added to which it was completed as quickly as humanly possible!

No chance of sunburn at 2017 Sunburn Shoot!

Although there were no

badge winners at the

second event,  a surprise

spot prize for the best

gold on the final end was won by Thomas (also at 50 yards).

2017 best 252 gold 0605 cropped 20 percent DSC_0636 12 percent DSC_0642 12 percent

A stiff headwind which blew all afternoon made reaching the clouts doubly difficult, but everyone still had fun trying.

Luke Clout 15 percent More photos

When the scores were gathered in, Coach Graham announced them in ascending order. It was Chairman Paul in 3rd place and Club Secretary Ralph in second, but coming in 1st place by a narrow margin it was Barry (on the right) who received the new Sunburn trophy. So congratulations to longbowman Barry who now has both the Sunburn trophy and the Frostbite trophy on his mantelpiece!

2017 sunburn 0702 15 percent 2017 sunburn 0714 15 percent More photos