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Ten beginners complete the course

2018 news montage flat 50 percent Older

The scorching temperature over the Easter weekend was pegged down a notch or two on 21st April - Easter Sunday - by the warm breeze blowing along A Range, so pretty much perfect shooting weather for HEA's Easter Fun Clout Shoot. Eleven archers took time out from their Easter weekend plans to turn up for the 2pm start.

Easter Sunday fun at the range

Saturday 27 April was the third session

of HEA's second beginners course of

2019 and certificate day for the five

course attendees. Bad weather had forced us indoors - a dramatic change from the warm sunshine of the previous Saturday.

Bad weather moves beginners indoors

During the first two sessions the trainees were able to get to grips with barebow and freestyle archery and also enjoyed the opportunity to try clout archery.

As usual, a handicap tournament rounded off the course with chocolate prizes all round for the competitors. After the presentation of course certificates everyone enthusiastically tackled the challenge of bursting balloons.

We look forward to welcoming the course attendees to a fourth session to shoot alongside club members.

The clout - a big Easter egg (naturally!) was set at 100 yards and any archer hitting it stood to earn bonus points. It was surrounded by chicks, which were meant as hazards - hitting them would incur a penalty.

2019 Easter clout 3700 12 percent

However, as it turned out, during two ends of sighters and 6 scored ends, not one of the assembled archers managed to put a single hole in either the egg or the chicks!  To be fair though, several arrows did land really close to the egg and a number those chicks looked extremely worried!

2019 April beginners 3763 12 percent 2019 April beginners 3606 12 percent 2019 April beginners 3575 12 percent 2019 April beginners 3665 12 percent 2019 April beginners 3886 12 percent 2019 April beginners 3879 12 percent More photos 2019 Easter clout 3701 12 percent

When the scores were totalled, the Easter eggs went to Ralph (far left) in 3rd place, Karen in 2nd place and Graham in 1st place. So well done to all three!

The afternoon would not have been complete without putting a few holes in the egg or chicks. After moving them nearer to the shooting line and bunching them up close together, Jimmy (far left), Dave and Paul succeeded in scoring some direct hits!

2019 Easter clout 3703 12 percent 2019 Karen cropped 3929 15 percent 2019 Ralph cropped 3927 15 percent 2019 Graham cropped 3931 15 percent 2019 Easter clout 3737 enhanced 12 percent 2019 Easter clout 3731 enhanced 12 percent More photos

Hightown Festival have-a-go proves popular

HEA Club members had a busy day on Sunday 5th May running the archery have-a-go (6 arrows for £1) at Altcar as part of the 2019 Hightown Festival.

The rain stayed off and a cold wind did not deter visitors to HEA's mini range.

Festival-goers of all ages enjoyed the opportunity to try their hands at archery with several coming back for more throughout the day.

2019 Hightown festival 3951 12 percent 2019 Hightown festival 3952 12 percent 2019 Hightown festival 3938 12 percent Hightown festival 3949 12 percent 2019 Hightown festival 3945 12 percent 2019 Hightown festival 3937 12 percent

HEA members who attended the club's Saturday afternoon session at Altcar on 22nd June were able to take advantage of the opportunity to try a different kind of shooting.

A have-a-go with a difference

HEA's Summer Handicap Tournament on Sunday 23rd June was as enjoyable affair.

2019 Summer

Handicap Tournament

In return for running an archery  have-a-go session for the wildfowlers group, also based at Altcar, HEA members were invited by the wildfowlers to have a go at clay pigeon shooting.

Two of our new members this year did particularly well, taking 1st and 3rd place. With handicap allowances applied, James B came first and received the trophy from chairman Mike. In second place it was Pete T and in 3rd place it was Olwyn.

Medals were also awarded for the highest actual scores in each bow type. They went to Paul (below left) for longbow, Karen for barebow, Jimmy for compound and Ralph for recurve.

All ages enjoy summer fair have-a-go

On Saturday 29th June, for the second year running, HEA members provided the archery have-a-go at the Woodlands Primary School Summer Fair.

Paul, Ralph, Jimmy, Pete T, Graham and Karen set up the range at the top of the school field for an 11 am start.

The fair was well attended and our range attracted a steady stream of visitors of all ages.

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to have a go at

archery with some fair-goers paying repeat visits to the range throughout the morning.

2019 summer handicap 4170 25 percent 2019 summer handicap 4156 10 percent

The round was a Warwick - 2 dozen arrows at 60 yards and 2 dozen at 50 - with the assembled archers competing for the Summer Handicap trophy.

2019 summer handicap 4158 10 percent 2019 summer handicap 4235 10 percent 2019 summer handicap 4231 10 percent More photos 2019 Clay Range 2 40 percent 2019 Clay Range 3 40 percent 2019 Clay Range 4 40 percent

The arrangement proved satisfactory all round and everyone enjoyed the chance to try something new.

So, congratulations to all our medal winners!

2019 4138 20 percent 2019 Clay Range 12 25 percent 2019 woodlands 4256 25 percent 2019 woodlands 4261 30 percent 2019 woodlands 4263 12 percent 2019 woodlands 4249 15 percent 2019 woodlands 4253 20 percent 2019 woodlands 4244 20 percent 2019 woodlands 4267 12 percent

There was a fair turnout

for HEA's Sunburn Shoot

on Sunday 4th August, despite a forecast of rain. The round was a Short National - 4 dozen arrows at 50 yards and 2 dozen at 40, using barebow club bows.

No danger of sunburn at 2019 Sunburn Shoot

It all started off sedately enough with the participants shooting in details, until ominous-looking rain clouds prompted a change of gear. The final two dozen were completed in double quick time as everyone stepped up to the shooting line together.

The rain finally made its appearance during the last end of the competition, following which the assembled archers beat a hasty retreat to the troop shelter.

Saturday 17 August 2019 was certificate day for the six beginners on HEA's August course. Although the first session took place at Altcar, the other two sessions were moved indoors to Ince because of bad weather and wet ground conditions.

Bad weather moves August beginners indoors

During the first session the trainees were instructed in barebow archery and also enjoyed the opportunity to try clout archery. In the second week they got to grips with freestyle archery, using sights.

As a change from the usual individual handicap tournament in week three, the beginners shot instead in a team event in two teams of three. After the presentation of prizes and course certificates, everyone joined in the traditional burst-the-balloons free-for-all.

As part of the course, all the attendees were invited back for a fourth session to shoot alongside club members.

2019 sunburn 4700 15 percent

After the scores were totalled, the prizewinners were Pete T (below, 5th from left) who took the bronze, beating Dave and Paul into joint 4th position by one point. Ralph (far right) came 2nd, taking the silver medal, but it was Alex (3rd from left) who ended up comfortably out in front, taking home the gold and the Sunburn sun catcher trophy.

2019 sunburn 4809 12 percent 2019 sunburn 4722 12 percent 2019 sunburn 4859 12 percent

So well done to all our prize winners and very nearly prizewinners!

2019 sunburn 4877 12 percent More photos More photos 2019 Aug beginners 4531 15 percent 2019 Aug beginners 4645 12 percent 2019 Aug beginners 4561 25 percent 2019 Aug beginners 4931 15 percent 2019 Aug beginners 4936 12 percent

Wellie weather at end-of-season clout

Recent heavy rain had resulted in very wet ground conditions at the range for HEA's 2019 end-of-season clout on Sunday 20th October.

It was good to be indoors again on the 27th October for the start of HEA's 2019/2020 indoor season after so much recent rain.

Halloween Fun Shoot kicks off indoor season

The clout was a French flag (well it was NEARLY Agincourt day) set at 110 yards. HEA members sent three dozen arrows up that way and then retired to the troop shelter while the scores were added up.

The results came out as follows: Ralph (left) in 3rd place, Graham in 2nd, but it was Steve who took 1st place and the Ken Harris clout trophy. So very well done to all!

The fun shoot followed established custom - the assembled archers got the opportunity to shoot holes in various halloweeny pictures and to be driven to distraction by the totally random and constantly changing scoring system, particularly whoever it was who gambled all his arrows on the zombie coffin (nice grouping), only to find that on that particular end the coffin was worth zero points!

Spot prizes of chocolate eyeballs helped to stave off hunger pangs until the end of the tournament when members were able to enjoy a break with nibbles and cakes before the presentation of club records certicificates for the outdoor season, followed by presentation of the traditional halloween prizes for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place - chocolate oranges and pumpkins of increasing sizes.

In 3rd place, taking home the handy pocket-sized pumpkin, it was Jim B (left). In 2nd place with a slightly heftier pumpkin, it was Tony.

So well done to our record setting/record breaking archers and to our fun shoot prize winners!

2019 halloween fun shoot 5096 12 percent 2019 halloween fun shoot 5110 20 percent 2019 halloween fun shoot 5064 12 percent 2019 halloween fun shoot 5109 40 percent 2019 halloween fun shoot 5123 15 percent 2019 halloween fun shoot 5160 12 percent 2019 halloween fun shoot 5158 12 percent 2019 halloween fun shoot 5155 12 percent

Taking 1st place however and demonstrating his weightlifting prowess at the same time, it was Paul.

More photos 2019 end of season clout 5093 12 percent 2019 end of season clout 5085 12 percent 2019 end of season clout 5063 12 percent 2019 end of season clout 5156 12 percent More photos