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Tuning night for HEA archers

The Tuesday evening session of 8th November was set aside for bow tuning with around 10 recurve archers attending. Bows were tuned, including a couple of new bows, and most of those present had a go at bare shaft tuning to check the accuracy of the settings on their pressure buttons and the correctness of their arrow spines.

The video camera was also set up so that members could see themselves shoot, with Coach Graham being on hand to offer pointers on technique - this proved popular with members.

Tuning4 25 percent Tuning5 50 percent enhanced

It was at HEA's first Bray Handicap League shoot of the season on Sunday 20th November that Karen was presented with her 1st place trophy and medal in the Ladies Barebow category from the LAA Indoor Portsmouth Tournament which had taken place two Sundays previously.

LAA Indoor winner receives her trophy

Having shot her round in the morning session, Karen had been unaware that a separate Ladies Barebow trophy had been added to the prize list. Needless to say, the news came as a pleasant surprise!

DSC_0142 cropped 25 percent

Frostbite Shoot goes ahead at Altcar

The weather was kinder to us than in previous years as it allowed us to hold our Frostbite Shoot outdoors at Altcar on Sunday 8th January with members competing for the HEA Frostbite Trophy. But although the event was not rained off this year, HEA archers were still a little rained on!

However, the fine drizzle during the afternoon didn't dampen the spirits of the assembled archers as they got on with shooting a Junior Warwick round (2 dozen arrows at 40 yards and 2 dozen at 30) with club bows, barebow style (without sights).

The round was completed before the light failed and, following a break for non-alcoholic mulled fruit punch (or tea) and biscuits, the winners were announced.

2017 Frostbite (8) 10 percent 2017 Frostbite (4) 10 percent

Peter O'Connor took 3rd place, Alex took 2nd, but it was Barry (pictured) who comfortably took 1st place, being awarded the HEA Frostbite trophy.

Thanks to everyone who took part and very well done to our prize winners.

More photos 2017 Frostbite (11) 10 percent 2017 Frostbite (13)10 percent

Ten beginners complete the course

Ten potential archers received their certificates on Sunday 5th February 2017 on completing the third and final instructional session of HEA's January/February beginners course. Over the three Sundays, the course attendees were instructed in range safety before HEA's coach, Graham, moved on to barebow and freestyle archery techniques. The course culminated in a beginners handicap tournament.

The beginners demonstrated a steady improvement, with arrow groupings becoming tighter by the third session, and everyone seemed to enjoy the tournament (three dozen arrows at 20 yards).

Following the awarding of certificates and the giving of (chocolate) prizes for the tournament winners, it was time for the customary burst-the-balloons free-for-all.

All course attendees are entitled to come along and shoot with the club as part of their course. We look forward to seeing them.

Club Chairman Paul made good use of his camera remote to get some shots of the course attendees from in front of the shooting line. HEA members assisting with the course can also be seen among the beginners.

IMG_3379 15 percent IMG_3402 15 percent IMG_3370 15 percent IMG_3438 15 percent IMG_3423 15 percent IMG_3406 15 percent More photos

Four potential archers enjoyed an hour's shooting before HEA's normal club shoot on Sunday 19th February 2017.

Taster Session for Four

2017 feb have a go 3 cropped 50 percent 2017 feb have a go 1 cropped 50 percent

One of the group is already signed up for our next beginners course in April.

2017 feb have a go 2 cropped 50 percent 7

HEA Success at North Meols

HEA members have been shooting in competition again. This time it was at North Meols Archers 20th Annual Portsmouth tournament on Sunday 19th March 2017. Our team on this occasion consisted of Lee, Lisa, Daniel, Linda and Mike.

Ten beginners complete the course

Despite some absentees due to it being

Mother’s Day (a valid excuse!), the

shooting line was still full for HEA's end-of-season Portsmouth tournament on Sunday 26th March 2017. The event was both an open and a handicap competition at the same time, as trophies and medals – shiny new ones, no less – were on offer for the highest three actual Portsmouth scores for recurve and barebow (no compound or longbow archers were in attendance) and also for the best three handicap scores.

End-of-season tournament and prizegiving

Well done to all our competitors, but particular congratulations are due to Lisa who came away with 3rd place in Ladies Recurve.

2017 North Meols DSC03319 50 percent 2017 North Meols DSC03335 50 percent 2017 North Meols 19032017 (165) 75 percent More photos

All photos courtesy of Greg Grogan.

After the round, while the customary end-of-season nibbles were being enjoyed, Records Officer Eric was able to get on with his number crunching behind the scenes. When the scores were ready, it fell to Coach Graham and Chairman Paul to announce winners and hand out prizes.

Most Improved Senior

Most Improved Junior

Most Improved Archer - Indoor




Bray Handicap League

Before the awards for the afternoon's competition, it was time for the season's league awards and Most Improved Archer trophies.

Alain (not present)




Karen (pictured below)




Portsmouth League



Lee (below right)

Barebow category



Longbow category






Lee (again!)

Recurve category

2017 IMG_3472 trophies 15 percent 2017 IMG_2511 cropped 15 percent 2017 IMG_2515 cropped 15 percent 2017 IMG_2536 12 percent

Barry was not present on the Sunday but he is pictured here receiving his trophy from Paul at the next club meet.

And so, on to the prizes for the day’s end-of-season tournament.

End-of-season Portsmouth Tournament

The open tournament, in competition for the new glass trophies, produced the following results:







Barebow category







Recurve category

2017 IMG_2527 cropped 15 percent

The same Portsmouth round, scored using the handicap tables, produced the following results:






Peter R

2017 IMG_2518 cropped 15 percent 2017 IMG_2531 cropped 15 percent

Thanks to all our members who put in their Portsmouth League scores over the winter season and to all those who competed at the Bray Handicap League events. Thanks also to everyone who took part in the end-of-season tournament. Special thanks are also due to Eric who collated the scores and used his arcane knowledge of handicap tables to provide us with the results. And finally, well done to all our medal and trophy winners.

Follow the link to see a lot of HEA archers grinning while being handed shiny things!

More photos updated news montage 50 percent Alain 1 cropped 15 percent 2017 IMG_2508 cropped 15 percent

Alain is pictured above receiving his award during the first weekend outdoors.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon for HEA's St George's Day Clout (Sunday 23rd April) - the first of the season - with everyone using club bows or traditional bows.

St George's Day Clout

A novel idea for a stag do!

In a first for HEA, we played host to a (non-alcoholic) stag do on the range on Saturday 29th April when a party of seventeen came along for an extended have-a-go session.

2017 April have a go DSC_0271 10 percent

Coach Graham led the proceedings with other club members assisting. After some initial instruction followed by a go at 10 yards, the group got ambitious and a mini tournament ensued with three teams competing at 20 yards.

At end of the session the have-a-goers declared themselves satisfied with their two hours of shooting and a good time was clearly had by all.

2017 April have a go DSC_0284 10 percent 2017 April have a go DSC_0288 10 percent

With the club's normal venue, D Range, being unavailable for the day, the shoot took place on the smaller A Range. We made ourselves at home  with the aid of a pop-up tent (festooned with England flags) for refreshments. Clouts were set at 120 yards (a French flag) for the gents and 90 yards (a white flag) for ladies and juniors.

After six ends were shot and marked, the winners were announced and refreshments were dispensed. Those present agreed that it was an enjoyable way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, perfectly rounded off with homemade cupcakes.

2017 St george clout 014 15 percent 2017 St george clout 031a 15 percent 2017 St george French flag 20 percent 2017 St george clout DSC_0242 cropped 15 percent More photos