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Junior member, Heather, was delighted to win the Ken Harris trophy at the end-of-season clout competition on Sunday 18th October 2015 with the highest overall score.

2015 Oct Clout Shoot trophy winner cropped 20 percent

Junior News Roundup

Duke of Edinburgh

Did you know?

2015 Heather most improved 25 percent

Heather wins clout trophy

2015 Daniel most improved 25 percent

The first Bray League shoot of the indoor winter season of 2015 / 2016 was followed by awards presentations for most improved archers of the 2015 outdoor season. Daniel and Heather tied on points for Most Improved Juniors (Daniel, as always, shooting barebow) and both received medals and certificates.

Most improved juniors of 2015 outdoor season

Well done also to Daniel for taking first place in the under 14 barebow division of the 2014 / 2015 NCAS Portsmouth postal competition.

2015 barebow winner Daniel 12 percent

Toxophily is another word for archery and a toxophilite is an archer.

Archery is the national sport of The Kingdom of Bhutan with almost every village having its own archery range.

Daniel takes 1st place at CCB Indoor

Well done to Daniel who took first place on Saturday 6th February 2016 in the Junior Gents Barebow category of the Cheshire County Bowmen Chester Indoor Tournament with a Portsmouth score of 339.

Daniel montage juniors 25 percent cropped question-purzen_Icon_with_question_mark_Vector_Cli


Junior member Hollie is pictured here being coached by Graham having just started working towards her Bronze Award.

HEA Child Protection Policy

HEA follows governing body Archery GB's policy on safeguarding and child protection.

CP Policy

To see Archery GB's child protection information and to view the full policy follow the link below.

HEA's end-of-season fun shoot on Sunday 27th March 2016 doubled as an awards ceremony when our junior barebow archer Daniel was presented with his 1st place medal from the 19th Annual Portsmouth Competition at North Meols which had taken place two Sundays earlier on 13th March. Having shot his round in the morning session, Daniel had missed out on the awards ceremony, so we felt it only right to make up for it. Well done Daniel!

Daniel  receives his North Meols medal!

2016 Daniel North Meols presentation 50 percent

At various times in Britain's history, monarchs have banned football, bowls and golf because men were playing these sports rather than practising archery.

A skilled longbowman in the  Middle Ages could release 10 to 12 arrows per minute, meaning one arrow shot towards the target every 5 to 6 seconds.

Daniel takes 1st at Wirral Windsor tournament

Congratulations to our junior barebow archer Daniel who added another award to his collection by taking 1st Junior Gents Barebow on Sunday 10th July 2016 at the Wirral Archers Windsor Tournament.

Unable to pick up his award on the day, Daniel is pictured here receiving his medal from HEA coach Graham a week later.

Awards 004 Daniel Wirral 2016 15 percent

In the 1904 St. Louis Olympics, archery was the only sport women were allowed to compete in.

Most improved junior

Heather's second award was for the 2016 outdoor season, although she had to wait until HEA's Halloween Fun Shoot to receive her certificate.

holly being coached 12 percent 2016 Heather most improved 10 percent DSC_0135 25 percent

Hollie is pictured here at an indoor club shoot receiving her medal for having scored at the Junior distance at HEA's end-of-outdoor-season Ken Harris Clout competition which had taken place at Altcar two weeks earlier on 23rd October 2016.

Hollie picks up her clout medal

Having completed his round in the morning session of Chorley Bowmen's 1st Annual Portsmouth Tournament on Sunday 16th October 2016, Daniel missed out on the afternoon medal ceremony. He is pictured being presented with his silver medal for 2nd in Junior Gents Barebow at HEA's Halloween Fun Shoot two weeks later.

DSC_0303 12 percent

Junior archer Heather picked up two separate awards for Most Improved Junior during 2016. The first was for the 2015 / 2016 indoor season, presented to Heather during the outdoor season.

IMG_3136 20 percent very cropped

Chorley silver for Daniel

target clipart 10 percent flipped

There are many different types of bow such as: recurve bow, compound bow, longbow, fieldbow, flatbow and horsebow, but only the recurve bow is allowed at the Olympics.

New member Luke earns his classification

New junior member Luke has wasted no time in earning a classification badge, having only joined HEA from our 2017 April/May beginners course. Luke received his 3rd class badge from club Chairman Paul on Sunday 25th June 2017, along with one of the new HEA classification certificates, introduced this season, detailing the three qualifying scores which Luke - shooting barebow - achieved to earn his classification.

It is worth noting that as one of Luke's qualifying rounds - Short Junior Warwicks (2 dozen arrows at 30 yards and 2 dozen at 20 yards) - actually achieved a second class score, it probably won't be too long before Luke earns his next badge!

2017 luke 3rd class 0498 12 percent

A self bow is a bow crafted from a single piece of wood. Traditional English longbows are self bows made from yew wood.

A recurve bow stores energy more efficiently than a longbow and has a greater range and accuracy.

2019 archery montage juniors flattened 50 percent

Most improved junior archer of 2018/19 indoor season

Junior barebow archer Daniel was presented with HEA's Most Improved Archer (Junior)  trophy for the 2018/19 indoor season at the end-of-season tournament on 31st March 2019.

2019 march end of season 3438 12 percent

Junior member Harry, shooting barebow, took first place and was presented with the Chairman's Shield by HEA's chairman Mike at HEA's end-of-season handicap Portsmouth tournament on 31st March 2019.

End-of-season tournament winner

2019 march end of season 3477 12 percent

Most improved junior archer of 2018 outdoor season

On the occasion of HEA's 2018 Halloween Fun Shoot, junior barebow archer Harry received the trophy for the most improved junior archer of the 2018 outdoor season.

"252" success for Harry

On Saturday 11th May 2019 Junior member Harry was among the successful archers at HEA's 252 challenge event. Barebow archer Harry scored more than the required 189 barebow score at the Junior starting distance of 20 yards to earn his first 252 badge.

2019 Harry 3980 20 percent

Junior member Harry, shooting recurve barebow (pictured here receiving his certificate from Chairman Mike), put in his third qualifying score on 5th August 2018 to earn his 3rd class for the first time.

Harry is awarded his classification

2018 halloween 4513 10 percent 2018 harry class WA0002 cropped 75 percent