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Beginners courses

High Elm Archers beginners courses are run over three consecutive Sunday afternoons (weather permitting, during the outdoor season), each session lasting 3 hours, with a fourth session allowing student archers to gain experience of shooting in a club environment. To complete the course, candidates must attend all three of the instructional training sessions.


The course is run by our qualified Level 2 Archery coach, Graham Burrows, with the assistance of experienced archers.


During the course, candidates will be instructed in:


   range layout and safety

   how to assemble a recurve takedown bow

   barebow recurve archery

   free style recurve archery using a sight

   introduction to archery tournaments and rounds.

Taster Sessions

If you can't attend a beginners course or just want to try your hand at archery, why not book one of our taster sessions? A taster session will allow you to shoot for a full hour under the guidance of an experienced archer.

If you are interested in an archery beginners course or a taster session please contact our membership secretary, Ralph Parkinson, on 01704 831605, email us at,

or use the Contact us page.

Photos - Beginners January 2016

Taster sessions cost £6.00 per person.

Forthcoming courses

Our next beginners courses are scheduled to begin on the following dates:

Beginners course information Photos - Beginners April 2016 Photos - Beginners June 2016 archery montage beginners 2016 version 3 flat 50 percent Photos - Beginners Sept 2016

30th April 2017


Photos - Beginners Jan 2017

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate that allows you to apply for membership of any Archery GB-affiliated club in the UK.

Courses cost £50 per person.

Do you want to join an archery club in the Merseyside area or just want to try archery?

17th Sept 2017


A further course may be laid on in the summer if there is sufficient demand.

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